Do Virus Infect You're PC

What to Do if Your PC is Infected From lethal infections to simply frustrating ones, virus infections are the curse of computer users. Once you’ve recognized the symptoms, what can you do about it?Don’t Panic - Almost every computer is infected with a virus at one point or another. Quick action and caution are necessary. There are two types of computers—those that have been infected with a virus, and those that will be infected with a virus soon.Top 4 Reasons to have a strong virus protection software 1.

Protect your computer system from breakdown2. Guard Data on your computer from identity theft3. Prevent spam email inundation.4. Peace of MindDefinitions for Detection - Viruses work by placing bits of code onto separate files, infecting that file before moving on to the next one. This is why, unlike humans, computers are healed of viruses by cutting off the infected part. The code that viruses place on the file has a unique signature that antivirus programs can spot. This method of finding viruses is very common but has one drawback—the antivirus program is only as effective as it is current. Every time a new virus comes out, the program has to be updated. Top 5 Features to look for in an anti virus software program 1. Easy to Install2. Simple to Use3. Effective at removing viruses and backed by certified testing4. Technical Support availableTo solve this problem, some antivirus programs use a “heuristic” algorithm. Viruses have behaviors in common with each other, such as working without changing the recorded “last modified” date, or avoiding changing the size of the file. The antivirus program will recognize this behavior and find the virus by tracing back to the source. Other antivirus systems use a “baiting” system, where several files are made to look and coded to be like regular files, but are in fact closely watched by the antivirus software. If a virus tries to modify these files, the software catches and contains it. Of course, the cat and mouse game between the virus creators and virus destroyers is endless. Viruses are constantly evolving to dodge tricks put forth by antivirus programs. Top 5 Virus Protection Software Programs 1. 2. 3. BitDefender Anti Virus4. Shield Pro 20075. Mcafee AntiVirus


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