Install PC Drivers With Easy

A few days ago me and a friend who worked maintenance of a cafe in one of the cities in Indonesia. And in fact we always forget the driver is installed where, and time runs out on the quest to use one driver update driver software. Then I tried a the tips and tricks that I have ever tried a while ago ... BLA ... and finally the driver is installed correctly.

For those of you who have lost their hardware drivers from your PC, do not be confused, here I will try to give tips and tricks to search for drivers.

1. pcidatabase.com

This mode may be rather difficult but please try first. First please open your browser's (Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.) then please type in the address bar of your browser http://www.pcidatabase.com or please click this link http://www.pcidatabase.com

Then please open the Control Panel

Then please open the System then please click the Device Manager on the Hardware tab

Will then appear like the picture below

Then double-click or right click then click properties

After you press CTRL + C to copy to notepad and please you so do not forget.

Enter the numbers and letters after the character on the type of Device Instance DEV_ you.
And just take the numbers after DEV_ and paste the Device Instance that you'd copy it into the search box in the Device box pcidatabase site, then please click the Search button.

After the vendor of the driver vendor to meet please search on the home page site.

2. devid.info

This second way has been featured in many blogs or sites with my friends, and here I will try again to explain.

Copy device of device instance id (the same ways as the first reviews), and then open the browser and then type in the address bar devid.info or click the link devid.info. After that will perform the following pages

Then paste the Device Instance Id that you copied earlier into the red circled box and click Ok button next to them and will perform the following pages

After that please click on the download drivers who have been found... :D

3. Manual

This is a last resort. Sometimes using the above methods is still not found the driver's find, and this is how the last and final way :D.
First step: please open your pc and look for the chipset you want to install the driver, eg sound or audio chipset.
Step two: please you noticed it's fine type. Examples of images presented below in order more clearly to you

Notice the circled text, that's the name of your audio sound drivers.
Step three: find the drivers on the internet with these specifications




  1. terima kasih share info dan tips-nya, mas. dah lama banget ndak instal software windows. sdh migrasi ke ubuntu sih soalnya, hehe ...

  2. @sawali : mantab tuh mas...memang lebih powerfull linux sih..dan ini cuma berbagi info aja moga-moga berguna :D